Stone Hearth!


StoneHearth | Explained

build to survive... fight to survive... and defend your town to survive!

getting started

when you open up the stone hearth application, you must click 'new game' in order to start. there will then be a pre game script. you will choose between rayya's childrren,
a band of young men women who live at aproximately the time of 0 B.C. and the ascendency, a band of young men women in about medieval europe. in both selections you will choose
between the desert and a temperate biome.when you click 'continue' you will be given a band of seven settlers. you can continue to roll new settlers until you are happy
with the ones you are given. the same process applies with selecting a world although when you hover over an are of the world, it will give you an aproximate amount of trees,
wildlife and minerals you will find there, with four bars meaning that there is more than enough of the selected field.
in addition to this you are given $150 to buy any item/s you need. some of the smart items to buy include a farmers hoe, a trappers knife which will mean you can immediately
start trapping, bags and baskets of food, a wooden practice sword, required to make a hearthling into a foot man.

when you start on a new word the program will ask you to plant a flag. this will be where all goods are dropped by merchants and traders.
you will see your hearthlings crouded aroung the flag and campfire. you should then go into the axe and pic-axe slot on the menu and select the 'harvest' option.
using your mouse, drag an area of trees for the hearthlings to cut down. you may notice that at the end the hearthlings will idle as they have no more work. you go onto the
areas menu or press the 'f' key and select the 'stockpile' option. you will the drag an area to be your stockpile. it can only be put in an area
with no trees. allow every thing to put in the stockpile and click the 'tick' and the hearthling will begin to put the removed wood in the stockpile.


in stone hearth, there are many ranks or jobs that your hearthlings can be promoted to. some of these include:
carpenter, the most basic role that a hearthling can be made into with nothing!
footman, the most basic soldier type, which requires a wooden sword, which can be crafted by the carpenter.
farmer, who is a very important role in your town, as when you progress farming should become the main way a player gets food
mason, the main hearthling to make items requiring stone.a hearthling can be promoted into a mason using the masons hammer and chisel, crafted by the carpenter
trapper, who will set up traps in order to catch animals which he will cull to make food for the new-born town.his knife can be made by the stone-mason.
weaver, who crafts outfits so that the hearthlings are better at fighting and are kept warm.
black smith, who does all the metal working in the town. his hammer can be made with the mason.


there are a lot of enemies around so you need to be on the look out all the time.
here is a list of some of the basic enemies:

Defense against enemies

there are many ways you can attack and defend against enemies. some of these are useful in different situations and with different soldiers.
the most basic one is the town alert mode, with calls all your hearthlings to the flag, at the centre of the town. the soldiers and footmen then
seek out the enemies and stop them, then kill them.
when you find a goblin raiding party or see a goblin camp, and you want to face it, immediatly call town alert mode and set an attack order by using the red
flag and then click the area wher you would like them to attack.
there are also defensive points, meaning that they will stand there and defend against any enemies, regardless of risk of death.

Crafting Recipes

there are many ways you can craft in stonehearth. you can click the workshop of the skill you wish to craft in.
the menu for that workshop you click the anvil or you can find the anvil in the general menu and access it that way.